“Simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming, Fly More Than You Fall is an emotional musical, but it’s not always sad and, at times, is downright funny. Be warned, the title song is bound to be stuck in your head.

“Fly More Than You Fall seemed to be the perfect marriage of a story of grief to modern musical theatre. It is real, fresh, inspiring, and fit to be a Broadway production.”

 - Ryan Gurr - UTBA

fly more than you fall:

Noorda Performing Arts Center - Orem, UT


Jeff Whiting


Eric Holmes


Nat Zegree

Lighting Design: 

Keith A. Truax

Scenic Design: 

Ann Beyersdorfer

Costume Design:

Heather McDevitt Barton

Cast Includes:

Lexi Walker, Autumn Best, Jennifer Fouché, Tom Miller